Gypsy Wife Cutting Chart – Main Blocks

I was getting frustrated trying to cut my blocks using the tiny grey print in the book, so I decided to make my own chart for cutting the Gypsy Wife quilt blocks. This chart is only for the main blocks. I will post the filler blocks and strip charts soon.

Helpful information:
This chart is easier to read in the PDF you can download below.
Background/light fabrics are highlighted in light yellow.
The number refers to how many blocks to cut and the letter refers to what fabric to use. For example, 2E means cut 2 blocks of fabric E.
If it says ‘asst’ just use a mix of prints.
If it says ‘same’ use the same print for all pieces.
Be sure to scroll to the bottom as some of these blocks have strips too.

If you see any mistakes, please let me know so I can fix them.

Download the Main Blocks cutting chart here.

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