Alternative to NetBuddy

If you had NetBuddy and it stopped working, switch to UbiFi

I live in the middle of a rural area surrounded by fields and not many rural Internet options. Actually, the Internet options are many if you don’t mind very slow speeds, no TV watching, no game playing, and only one device connected at a time.

So! I found this amazing company with unlimited fast Internet service! All I had to do was buy a $325 router, $5 SIM card, and subscribe to the NetBuddy plan. It worked! It was fast and unlimited. We got used to streaming TV, my son could play games, and we could connect multiple devices without bumping each other off. Then came February 2020. I received an email that said our plan was canceled and would terminate in 7 days. The Internet service mysteriously stopped working two days later.

I tried everything to get this fixed but NetBuddy doesn’t answer email and they don’t update their website often either. They finally made their service available again and I, being gullible, resubscribed. I put the old SIM card back in the device, rebooted and waited. No Internet. I logged in the router page, did a factory reset, and no Internet. I finally called the Mofi Support line. They ran through about 15 different fixes and guess what? NO INTERNET. It’s apparently a problem on NetBuddy’s side.

However, I learned something very valuable from the helpful man at Mofi Support. The official company that represents Mofi devices isn’t NetBuddy. It’s UbiFi. They are legit and offer the same high speed unlimited plan that we got from NetBuddy. It’s $89.99 a month instead of $65 a month. If you already have a MOFI4500-4GXELTE-SIM4 or MOFI4500-4GXELTE-SIM4_COMBO router, you can purchase their BYOD SIM card for $29.99 and enroll in their unlimited plan. No contract.

There are lots of companies trying to take your money and they appear reliable at first. However, they have shaky agreements with the Big 4 cell carriers as we have seen recently with NetBuddy. Here are a few to be wary of:

The only official company for Mofi Network is UbiFi.

UPDATE: We’ve been using UbiFi for a while now. I have to say, it isn’t as reliable as the old NetBuddy. It all depends on your access to a cell tower that is less than 4 miles from your house; and in direct line of sight. If you have a neighbor with a tall barn or lots of trees, it will interrupt your cell signal. The old NetBuddy no longer uses the Big 4 networks; they are only pals with AT&T now; that doesn’t work everywhere and certainly not at my house in the fields. We are getting by with UbiFi, but it is not ideal. It does work well with only one device connected but is not secure enough for some servers if you are building websites.

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